Examinations Policy

Dunboyne College of Further Education is committed to providing an excellent learning environment for all students and ensuring that assessment of student learning is carried out in accordance with LMETB and QQI best practice guidelines. The following document outlines the main provisions for the setting and operation of QQI examinations at Dunboyne College of Further Education.


Scheduling of Examinations

College examinations take place in December and May. Examination dates for both sittings are provided at the beginning of the college academic year. The detailed examination timetables are published on the college website a minimum of four weeks before the start of the examinations. This schedule is also emailed to all students. All examinations take place in Dunboyne College of Further Education with the exception of some professional cookery examinations which take place in DIT. DIT examination rules apply to these.

Student Responsibility

It is the student’s responsibility to familiarise themselves with the college examination times and ensure they are available to attend for examinations on any of those days. Students must familiarise themselves with the examination timetable when it is published and ensure they attend each of their examinations. In exceptional circumstances where a student cannot attend an examination the student must contact the Examination Coordinator (Anna Carney) as soon as possible.

Student Conduct

When attending examinations the examination rules will be read to each group. Students are expected to adhere to the college examination rules as provided including, in particular, the following rules:

  • There is a 100% clean desk policy adhered to during all examinations. Students are only permitted to bring writing materials and materials needed for the examination (as directed by the tutor.) Sharing of equipment is not allowed. The following items are not allowed in the examination: pencil case, phone, calculator cover or any other item not listed above.
  • Students will be removed from the examination centre and will receive a zero grade in the examination, without an opportunity to repeat, under the following circumstances:
  • If there is a suspicion of cheating by the examination supervisor (suspicion of cheating includes attempts to communicate with another student, materials on your desk or on your person that are not permitted in the examination centre, glancing at another student’s work etc.)
  • If a mobile phone is found on the student’s desk or on their person.

Any further clarification needed or queries on this policy should be directed to the examination coordinator (Anna Carney).

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