Dunboyne College's graduation takes place in Dunboyne Castle in May each year.


There will be two ceremonies and it is important that you attend the correct ceremony with your class group.


Can I attend a ceremony on a different day to my class?

No. You must attend on the allocated day and time that your class is scheduled to graduate.


Do I need to notify the College if I cannot attend my ceremony?

Yes. We would prefer to know if you will not be in attendance that day.



How many people can I bring?

Each ticket costs €10 and entitles you to bring either two, or up to four guests. We can only guarantee seated accommodation for up to two guests. Due to safety restrictions, all children need to be accompanied by an adult other than the person graduating.


Where do I sit?

Graduates will  be allocated seating for each ceremony, as will their guests.


Adademic Dress Requirements

To participate in the ceremony, you are required to wear Academic Robes. The robing room will be clearly marked when you arrive in Dunboyne Castle and will cost €15 to rent for the ceremony. All sizes and heights will be catered for. Please remember that it is your responsibility to return your robes before you leave.


Disability Access and Requirements

How can I access the stage?

If you are unable to use the steps to the stage, the presenter will go to the floor level to give you your certificate.