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Students may appeal QQI provisional results from Dunboyne College of Further Education in June of each academic year. This is to allow for a fair and transparent procedure where a student may appeal a result(s) that he or she considers to be unfair or unjustified.


Results must be appealed before the appeal date in June (outlined in the letter accompanying provisional results). There are no further appeals through Dunboyne College of Further Education after that date.

The appeals process is as follows:

  • Provisional results will be sent to students at the end of May or beginning of June in each academic year.
  • When the student gets their results they may request to appeal the result.
  • Students will follow the procedure outlined in the letter accompanying results.
  • Students will discuss their appeal with the Appeals Co-ordinator and may attend a meeting with the Appeals Co-ordinator to view their script(s). Students may view their script alone or may have one other person accompany them. They must pay the appropriate fee(s).
  • If, after viewing their script, the student would like to appeal the results, they will fill in an Appeal Request form.
  • Their form and the script(s) will be sent to an external authenticator, representing QQI.
  • The external authenticator will give an opinion on whether the original mark will stand or will recommend a change of mark.
  • The Appeals Co-ordinator will communicate this information to the student within three days of receiving it from the external authenticator.
  • The appeal process is final.