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 Applications will be closing soon! 

There are limited place left on some courses.  Make sure to apply by this Friday 23rd October, to avoid missing out.


Grants and BTEI Information
Maintenance Grants
Students who are entering an approved full-time Post Leaving Certificate (PLC) course for the first time or who are already attending approved PLC courses are eligible to apply for a maintenance grant. This grant does not cover Core VTOS courses or cover the cost of registration or examination fees. It is a maintenance grant paid each month directly into the students’ bank account.
It is not necessary for students to know the exact course they will be attending in September in order to apply for a PLC Maintenance Grant. The initial decision regarding the grant is based solely on income. The PLC Maintenance Grant is a means tested grant. This involves an assessment of the earnings in the family (parents and candidate). Students over 23 years of age in the year of entry to the course who are living outside the family home will be assessed on their income and that of their spouse (if applicable).

All information on www.studentfinance.ie